We at GameNorth want you to make the smart purchase when it comes to your games, consoles, and everything in between. We love games, we love particular games and franchises, and we want you to love them too. But not every game is worth the money, and our reviews are focused on giving you the information you need to know about whether you should make a purchase.

For Canadians, GameNorth is a place where your voice will be heard, and the injustices against us reported. We are a growing and vast community, and we demand respect! No more Rock Band launch delays and preorder bonus snubbings! Seriously though, we know there are a lot of us out there, and we want you to share your stories with us.

The professional version:

GameNorth is an informative site focused on videogames and specializing on Canadian contributors in the industry. GameNorth is targeted at consumers and seeks to allow them to make an educated choice, which is reflected in our inclusion of the “Dollar Value” score in the reviews. This innovative format allows the reviewers to recommend a price point at which a game is worth purchasing.

The Canadian video game industry is outgrowing the entertainment juggernauts (movies and music) of the past and yet the community still has very little representation. GameNorth seeks to provide that representation and allow its readers to voice their opinions and engage in meaningful discourse.