Canadian ‘Pokémon Black and White’ Deals

Pokémon fans, today is the first day that the highly anticipated Pokémon Black and White became available!  You probably already ran out to the nearest store to pick up your copy, but just in case you’re still wondering where the best deals are, here’s some information I dug up for you:

Future Shop is running a deal where if you buy both Pokémon Black and White together, you save $10.

Like Future Shop, Best Buy is also offering $10 off if you buy the two together.  When I picked up my copies of the game today I was also told of another very special offer: If you buy a Nintendo DSi XL, you get a copy of Pokemon Black or White for free!

If you were searching for something extra special for yourself or to impress the collector in your life, I was told by the sales person at Best Buy that Toys ‘R’ Us is carrying the amazing Pokemon Black and White DSi bundle.  With the exception of the first offer, none of these deals were actually advertised online or in a flyer.  To ensure that your store is offering these special deals, it would be wise to call ahead to check if your store is participating.



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