Dead Space 3

For all the fans of Isaac Clarke, space engineer and relentless fighter against the horrors of outer space, the Dead Space makes a blood curdling return. For the uninitiated, Issac Clarke is the chief protagonist of the horror and science friction game Dead Space.

What is it?

The Dead Space that had earlier gained notoriety for its spine chilling, blood curdling action sequences returns in its latest avatar-the Dead Series 3. For the fans of science friction horror games, the Dead Space series was the penultimate in action and trill.  Dead Space 1 and 2 have enjoyed tremendous popularity for keeping players hooked and the tester one levels high. Dead Space 3 had keenly been awaited and fans are not disappointed. The Dead Space 3 offers more horror, more action and thrill than the prequels. Some features remain same. The blood- thirsty Nercomorphs still have a free romp, and if you are in an open space with say air vents and catwalks and the door behind you slams shut all of a sudden-then you are in for trouble. So be prepared! Be prepared for action. The Dead Space 3 is not a game for the faint hearted. Nor is it a game for those who are not prepared to tread unfamiliar waters. It is advisable to stay away from this game in case you are uncomfortable with gruesome dismembering and other such volatile stuff.  A high octave, adrenalin pumping game with plenty of action, you need to be on your toes all the while.

The plot of Dead Space 3

The plot as usual is kept simple. In fact this is one of the major advantages of the game. A convoluted plot in a horror science friction game distracts the player from the action. In Dead Space 3 the player is kept glued to the action while the plot falls in place. Again the main protagonist is Issac Clarke and his fight is against the monsters in outer space.  In dead space 3 Issac Clarke, returns to save his beloved Ellie who has disappeared somewhere in the ice covered planet called Tau Volantis.  He is deputed by Carven and Norton to track Ellie down. In the prelude, Ellie had her eyes gouged out. Issac Clarke still happens to have a soft corner for her and he sets out immediately to track her down. And the game begins.

What is new?

Yes there are a few additions to the Nercomorphs, but these have more or less the same characteristics as the older versions. They play possum and confuse the player with their form of attack. They do not play a level playing field and can attack from front and rear.  But that’s not all, the dead space 3 is thoroughly designed to entertain and to keep you hooked. When you are not fighting a dozen Nercomorphs, dismembering them, shooting in open space or performing death defying stunts, you would be solving puzzles. Dead Space is certainly a game that by no definition can be counted as boring.  This is certainly on game that keeps the player hooked
Dead Space 3 Review

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