The Many Benefits Of Video Games

Think video games are all bad? Think again. The benefits of video games are more than just some fabricated reasons designed to sell consoles and games. Studies have shown over and over again that the benefits of video games are many.

The Positive Side Of Video Games

Still on the fence about whether or not video games can be good for everyone involved? Consider some of these reasons why video games are good for you, and then see if your answer changes at all:

Video games can work wonders against anxiety and depression. Studies have shown that those who suffer from legitimate stress and depression symptoms have been able to lessen the damage caused by these things through video games. It makes sense. Video games allow us to take the energy normally devoted to stress and depression, and redirect it towards something that allows us to alleviate our issues in a healthy way.

Video games improve motor skills. There have been studies conducted on children as young as three or four on what video games can do for motor skills. Children who grow up playing video games tend to have things like superior eye-hand-coordination, as opposed to children who do not grow up playing video games.

Video games can bring the whole family together. This has always been true to a certain extent, but the rise in games for the Wii, the Xbox Kinect, and other such similar devices has given families of all kinds even more reasons to make video game time the same as family time.

Video games can bring people together from all over the world. It’s not uncommon for video game fans to strike up deep, personal relationships with one another. Video games don’t have to be the only thing they have in common, but it can be the thread from which the history of their relationship can be traced.

Video games can improve your ability to make decisions quickly. Further studies have shown us that those who play video games are much better at making decisions in other aspects of their lives. Not only that, but they can make those decisions more quickly, and with a great deal more confidence as well.

Video games can improve your physical health. One study surprisingly suggested that video games can be a positive influence for those suffering from cataracts. Other studies remind us that video games can aid in pain relief. This is done simply by giving your brain something else to think about.

Embracing Video Games

Video games can certainly have their negative points, too. They can be extremely expensive, and it is possible to get to a point in which playing video games is taking up too much of your life. These are things to keep in mind, but by no means do they cancel out some of the obvious benefits of  video games.

Any of the above reasons should be enough to convince you of their good points.

About the author:My name is Oliver . I’m a university graduate with an immense passion for all things gaming. My dream is to become a video game developer.