Top 5 Mobile Games on the iPhone

The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch have to be taken seriously as gaming platforms nowadays.  67 per cent of all time spent on a tablet is spent on gaming, with the majority of Smartphone owners at least dabbling in games. This makes the iOS mobile devices heavyweights in the gaming industry, and these are just a few of the stellar titles available.


On the surface, this game looks like an updated version of Space Invaders, however you will find that although the initial premise is similar, it offers much more.  Not that Space Invaders isn’t still fun!

Using an initially strange but perfectly functional touch control system, you need to blast your alien enemies away, just like in Space Invaders, but in a twist to that tried and tested system, you also need to rescue your human compatriots.  Free play and campaign modes both build upon this formula.

Angry Birds

It’s hard to talk about the top iPhone games without mentioning the most famous title to have debuted on the system.  The franchise is now a monster and the company behind it worth $2.25 billion dollars.

The game has been out for a long time now but people haven’t quite got tired of it.  New spin off titles help to keep the same formula fresh, with the latest being based on Star Wars.

Temple Run

A game that almost threatened to match Angry Birds in terms of popularity, Temple Run used the tilt sensors in the iPhone perfectly to create a game which involves constant running through temples, with the challenge being to use the touch screen and tilting to collect coins and avoid obstacles.  Essentially it is quite a lot like some of the Sonic the Hedgehog titles which utilised time trial style gameplay, and if you were addicted to those games back in the days of the Sega Mega Drive this may well be for you.

Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2 is the sequel to the top racing title on iPhone.  The original boasted 48 cars and 16 tracks, with a Real Racing GTi sequel being offered for free.  Real Racing 2 improves on the original in every way, helping to affirm the iPhone’s status as a proper gaming machine with a racing simulator to be proud of.

One of the major improvements is the ability to have up to 16 cars in an individual race.  A bigger range of vehicles, vehicle updates and improved controls also help improve the experience.  With a price tag of $9.99 however, make sure you trial the free GTi version first to ensure you agree on its quality.


The FIFA franchise has been on top for a while on consoles, outselling its nearest competitor Pro Evolution Soccer for years, and also gaining the critical acclaim that it so often failed to garner in the early part of the century.

The transition to mobile proved a little more difficult however, with early titles failing to gain enthusiasm from critics.  However FIFA 2012 made massive strides in playability on mobile devices, much like the 2009 edition did on consoles.  This years’ 2013 version has not made the same progress as last year, but it has helped to consolidate its position as the premier iOS football title.  Most importantly it now features online competition!


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