Being from a World of Warcraft background, Action MMOs have always intrigued me. Actually having to dodge and use skill in order to excel at combat seems like a great addition to an already addictive genre. So when I read all the positive feedback about Vindictus, I could not resist. I’ve only played it for a few short hours, but here are my impressions: It plays like a 2D brawler in a 3D world, with RPG mechanics and leveling elements, and an MMORPG society and economy. Oh, and Japanese RPG style art and storytelling.

What does that mean? Fast paced action, customization, throwing and grappling enemies, and kicking them while they’re down. It means dyeing your armour, and crafting items and selling them on the marketplace. It means crafting hooks that you can use to immobilize enemies while your teammates beat on them. Sounds glorious right? Well, we are going to give you a chance to try it yourself. Below are four keys that you can use at the Vindictus registration page. The only catch is that we ask you to leave a comment telling our readers which key you’ve taken, and then leave at least one of the two keys that they email to you in the comment. That’s it.

Now, the early access beta is not without it’s limitations. Right now you can only pick between two classes and they implement this channel system that essentially changes your instance of the town, but it does this randomly as you’re playing. Even when you’re partied with someone, you won’t be stuck in the same channel for long, so you will not be able to see each other around town. However, as soon as your group is ready to journey to an instance (called Battles), you will all be brought together.

Anyway, enough talk! I encourage everyone to try it. Here are the four keys: