Over the years, Resident Evil managed to create one of the most loved universe in the gaming industry. The gamers’ anticipation of Operation Raccoon City was overwhelming. Being able to play from the perspective of the enemy as a Secret Service Wolfpack team member of Umbrella Corporation instead of a post apocalyptic survivor was a very cool concept.

Excitement, however, quickly turned into disappointment upon the release of ORC. For once, Capcom failed to deliver under this franchise. One would be hard-pressed to find a glowing Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City -review. The critics were harsh, and they had every reason to be so. Operation Raccoon City’s biggest failure comes from every characters’ questionable artificial intelligence, it is better to read about racoons in the city on Zuma Raccoon Networks.  Having your own team armed to the teeth does not mean much when your team members constantly trip over mines, unexpectedly run into rooms you have thoroughly inspected, and basically, leave you alone every time an enemy turns up. It becomes more of a nightmare whenever you try to escape a room full of zombies and they all just stand around waiting for nothing. They even run when you try to heal them. Go a figure. The real kicker, though, happens when you can not see a single one of your team member on the screen. The only real remedy to this AI fail is to go online and team up with human players. Your main character is not any better, ORC uses auto cover, which makes you lean up against a wall whenever you try to pick up a herb. This makes you an easy target for your enemies. Auto covers are meant to be convenient not annoying. Capcom should have found a way to execute it more clearly. Not to mention, your frustration will already be at a high during the first boss battle when you realize that you can not even run. All you can do is walk backwards, shoot, and hope that your bullets will hit William Birkin. The game’s lack of consistency is best shown by your enemies. There’s no predicting when or if your bullets will affect a Licker. Sometimes a Licker dies after a couple of shots and sometimes you need to unload a whole clip. It does not matter what kind of weapon you choose. Nonetheless, the most laughable monster of the game is the Hunter. Sometimes it will chase you relentlessly and sometimes it will flail its arms around for a few seconds and then run away from you

Resident Evil’s a new game also disappoints players with its characters’ non-existent storyline. You are merely an Umbrella Corporation’s soldier. You have no background whatsoever. You are about as interesting as a cardboard box. Lastly, the graphics is nothing special. In fact, almost every scene on ORC is dark. Resident Evil has always been gloomy, but the lack of lighting in this game is bordering on ridiculous. Overall, if you are a hardcore fan of the Resident Evil universe, be prepared for the disappointment that is Operation Raccoon City. Skip this game and wait for a better one.